The company was founded in 1964 by SYMEON VASIKARIDIS and IOANNIS ONOUFRIADIS. In a basement, they crafted port mad au and living room tables. In 1974, they relocated this activity to a privately owned workshop in Amisiana, where the company’s headquarters remain to this day. For many years, the company engaged in wholesale furniture sales with a clientele across Greece. In 2007, SYMEON VASIKARIDIS passed away, and his son, GEORGIOS VASIKARIDIS, took over the helm.

The company gradually begins to forge a new identity and expands its operations into specialized furniture construction for hotels, residences, and establishments. A pivotal role in achieving this new identity was played during the period from 2013 to 2017 when the company ventured into the hospitality sector in Germany.

From 2013 to the present, the company continually evolves through the acquisition of modern equipment and ongoing personnel training. Collaborating closely with interior designers and architectural firms, it executes projects primarily in the Eastern Macedonia and Thrace region

Application Study

The application study and construction plan, based on 3D images, are crucial stages in the development of a project.

The application study utilizes 3D models to analyze how the project will integrate into the real space. The construction plan is built upon this study, ensuring the proper implementation of the project. 3D images provide a visual representation of the final result, aiding in better understanding and communication of the design.


Having established a vast network of reliable suppliers, we offer our clients an extensive range of options tailored to their requirements. The careful selection of materials ensures the quality, sophistication, and durability of our constructions. Colors and textures are harmonized with the inherent properties of each material, resulting in unique wooden creations.

Technical staff

Our company boasts a dedicated team of skilled personnel with extensive experience in furniture construction. Covering all the necessary specialties, our specialized craftsmen form the core of our creativity. With steadfast dedication to artistry and quality, they create furniture that highlights the uniqueness of each design.

Production system

At our factory, we enhance efficiency and construction quality through the EPOPTIA system. Each workstation is equipped with a terminal tablet, allowing employees to be intricately informed about project details, including materials, colors, designs, and delivery times. With this system, our company has real-time updates on the progress of each project, ensuring accuracy, consistency, and reliability.

Fitting workshops

The installation crews at our factory are the driving force behind delivering high-quality furniture to our customers. We have three fully equipped teams, each consisting of skilled craftsmen and assistants. They are dedicated to the safe and efficient delivery, ensuring that our furniture reaches its destination in excellent condition and is installed with the required skill and attention to detail.

Our company owns private vehicles for transporting furniture and personnel.

Final result - After sale service

In our company, the final result shapes the character and value of our work. We understand that customer satisfaction is key, and therefore, we are committed to quality and detail. The After Sale Service is an integral part of our philosophy, as we provide technical support, repairs, and adjustments, ensuring that our furniture maintains its original shine. We continue to offer exceptional post-sale care, providing confidence and satisfaction to our customers.